NEWLEAD second focus group 02/06 and 03/06 in Reykjavik

University of Iceland is hosting the second NEWLEAD focus group on Thursday 2 and Friday 3 of June.

This second focus group will offer an opportunity for leaders with both academic and management profiles of higher education institutions to further enhance their leadership skills by discussing and reflecting on disruptive transformation in their institutions. They will enable mutual learning and support senior leaders who are seeking to become more agile, creative and innovative in steering universities.

Throughout theme-based walking stations, the following themes will be addressed:

  • Female leadership in HE
  • International collaboration in HE (through the angle of European University Alliances)
  • Greening and sustainability in HE

Participants will reflect and discuss what are the leadership challenges related to these topics and what kind of instruments, tools, programmes and/or support for leadership development would be beneficial to have in their institutions. Furthermore, participants will also discuss what is needed in terms of governance structures to address these disruptive transformations

The focus group is expected to end on Friday afternoon after a meeting of the project consortium.

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