PHASE 1

    Mapping institutional and system approaches to leadership support/development and capacity building
    (1st semester 2021)

    Main results:

    • Methodological report on core principles, priorities and processes of change and crisis management in higher education.

    PHASE 2

    Peer learning and exchange among partners and beyond
    (2nd semester 2021
    – 1st semester 2022)

    Main results:

    • Innovative guidance materials exploring the topic of capacity building for institutional leadership, as well as thematic priorities.
    • Focus groups for institutional leaders and senior managers. 

    PHASE 3

    Developing a framework to support institutions’ strategic and holistic approach to designing leadership development
    (2nd semester 2022
    – 1nd semester 2023)

    Main results:

    • Institutional transformation and leadership case studies.
    • Report on leadership and institutional transformation to benefit institutions in their efforts to build capacity of their leaders and senior managers.

    University leaders, such as rectors, vice-rectors and deans, as well as senior managers, including heads of administration and finance and human resources, will be interested in the NEWLEAD project activities and outcomes.

    Participation in the focus groups and various other activities will be possible through open calls, which will be featured on this project webpage.

    Photo by Headway on Unsplash